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Scripting Languages:

  1. Mel Script
  2. Python
  3. Pymel
  4. C#

I Rigged and Skinned All Characters and Machines.

Character Rig

Facial RIG

This rig was created using my auto rig script that I wrote in pymel.  It is a joint based rig and can be used in games and media.


  1. Ik/Fk switching and Space Switching.  Controls stay in place.
  2. Bendable Arms and Legs.  Full roll joints for Arms and Legs.
  3. Stretchy Arms, Legs, and Spine.
  4. IK/Fk Spine
  5. Articulate Hands and Feet.

See More About My Auto Rig Script Here


The facial rig is joint based.  Blend shapes drive the joints.  The morphing is all done by joints.

The rig can be used in games and in multimedia.

This rig features:

  1. Multiple controls.  
  2. Built in Emotions.
  3. Individual controls to tweak/create facial expressions.

Quadruped RIG

Custom quadruped rig.  

This rig uses a unique flexi plane system for the spine and neck.  It allows for a lot more natural movement and flexibility.  

This rig also features:

  • IK/FK switching.
  • Stretchy limbs and spine.
  • Ik spring solver for the back legs