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Scripting Languages:

  1. Mel Script
  2. Python
  3. Pymel
  4. C#

All Characters and Machines I Rigged and Sk


This is my Auto Rig Script.  Written in Pymel.  It is a biped auto rig that creates all the animation controls and easily sets the character up, so it is ready to use in games and media.

The UI is separated into different tabs so you can create whatever body part you need in any order.  

The Auto Rig Features:

  1. IK/Fk Switching
  2. Space Switching (changeable on the right click menu)
  3. Snap in place - Space Switching and IK/Fk Switching
  4. Auto Connects to a Game Skeleton
  5. Stretchy Spine and Limbs 
  6. Customizable Animation Controls
  7. Auto Joint Orientation 
  8. Eyes, Jaw, and Hands
  9. Keeps volume in the limbs and spine while stretching.

Animation Tools

FBX Batch Exporter and more

My FBX Exporter will export models and animations ready to be used in UE4 and Unity 3D.  It was also export animations for Signal Studios Special format.


  1. Exports FBX's for Animation and Modeling.
  2. 2 columns provide fast and easy exporting.  No need to type file names.
  3. Separate options to save files, check files out, and the ability to make additional changes to the files before saving.
  4. Able to check files out in Perforce(P4) and Team Foundation (TFS).
  5. Open files straight from the files listed in the columns.

The Exporter also features making changes while batching (I continue to up date this):

  1. Change file names.
  2. convert to .ma or .mb
  3. Set a camera and Playblast

Animation Tools

Animation Tool Bar:

  1. Dock-able.
  2. General Animation Tool Window.
  3. Copy Channel box information from scene to scene.
  4. Renaming Tool.
  5. Pose Library.
  6. Tween Tool.
  7. GUI Picker.
  8. Move Vertex or Object along a line.
  9. Batch Exporters
  10. Transfer animations from controller to controller.

General Animation Tools:

  1. Dock-able.
  2. Quick Constrain/Align Objects/Freeze Transformations.
  3. Convert files to .ma/.mb.
  4. Check files out in P4 or TFS.
  5. Once click Scene setup.  (30fps/Sets camera clipping/ sets view port)
  6. Clean reference tool.  Brings referenced files in clean and without name spacing.
  7. Quick export
  8. Check distance in 3D space
  9. Quick toggle buttons for animation tools.
  10. One click - fast PlayBlast - saved to a designated file.

Tween Tool:

  1. Dock-Able
  2. Simple

Nathan Comes   206-681-4743

Ribbon Script:

The Ribbon is like a rubber band in 3d space.  It drives joints that you can attach to rigs and create great quadruped spines or great cartoon limbs.

I create a script that will create one for the either the limbs or spine in one click!